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Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions.  As used in this agreement the following terms shall have the following meaning:

    • Agency. This is a generic term used to refer to any governmental office that accepts applications or issues Licenses.

    • Agreement Means collectively the License Application and Administration Agreement You signed, these Terms and Conditions, and all Invoices We submit to You.

    • Application. Means the forms and information required by any particular Agency that they review and consider before deciding to issue a License.

    • Application Fees or License Fees. This is the amount charged by the various licensing Agencies as part of their respective application and licensing process. 

    • Estimate. A combination of what We expect the total cost of Our Fees and all Application Fees given to You before We apply for Your Licenses.  The initial Invoice may include estimated amounts, these are the minimum amounts due, and may increase as stated on any subsequent Invoices. The total amount of Our Fees and Application Fees will be stated in the Invoice that is sent once the work has been completed.

    • Fees.  This is the amount You will pay to Us for Our work and time and administrative expenses incurred in preparing and submitting Your license applications, including postage, shipping, copying, travel, legal fees, and similar expenses.

    • Invoice. This is a demand for payment that includes Our Fees and Application Fees.  Payments are due on or before the date stated on the Invoice.  This is the amount You owe and supersedes any email or other correspondence.

    • License. A document issued by an Agency that authorizes You to engage in a particular business activity.

    • Location. The site where the business activity for which a License has been issued will occur.

    • Managing Officer. A person in Missouri who serves as the responsible party and primary contact for a licensee who has been granted the authority to sell intoxicating liquors in the state of Missouri by Missouri’s Alcohol and Tobacco Control Agency.

    • Our, We, Us. Means Licensing Consulting, Inc. a/k/a “LCI”.

    • You, Your. Means either the named Client on the front of the Licensing Application and Administration Agreement; OR the person or entity on whose behalf We provide services to for the preparation and submission of a License Application.

  2. Limited Scope of Services.  We are only agreeing to prepare and submit License Applications on your behalf under the terms of this Agreement.  We are not agreeing to serve as Your Managing Officer for any Location.

  3. Accuracy of Your information. You are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information You provide.  You must provide Us with truthful answers.  You must provide all requested information, including signatures, promptly.  If You do not provide requested information in a reasonably timely manner, We reserve the right to charge an additional Fee.

  4. Compliance with laws and regulations. You are solely responsible for conducting Your business in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations that govern Your business activity.

  5. Charges and Calculation of Our Fees. 

    • We will charge You a Fee for Our services in such amounts as is satisfactory to Us.  We will provide You with an Estimate that is in no way intended to be all-inclusive of the total amount of Fees and Application Fees that You will owe.  Payment of some or all of the Estimated Fees are due before work will begin.  We will inform You of the Application Fees, which You must pay by either depositing the sums with Us plus any processing fees, and We will in turn pay to the Agency requesting the Application Fee; OR You will pay the Application Fee directly by delivering to Us a cashier’s check or money order for the full amount of the relevant Application Fee

    • You may also incur increased Application Fees or Late Fees as charged by an Agency if Your applications are not submitted by a deadline established by an Agency. Information and signatures must be provided to Us sufficiently in advance of any applicable deadline to allow for the timely preparation and submission of Your application. 

    • The amounts We identify in email or other correspondence are not intended nor will they serve as binding on Us—they are for informational purposes only. Your agreement with Us, and the amounts You will be legally obligated to pay will be governed by Your signed Agreement with Us, Our Terms and Conditions, and the amounts stated in Our Invoices. 

    • For new customers to Our service, We reserve the right to charge You an administrative set up fee.

  6. No Waiver. We may, in Our sole discretion: begin work before payment is received for a particular License or Location; or accept payments on an Invoice after the due date without applying any penalties or interest; charge less than the Estimated Fees.  Nothing in this Agreement or Our actions shall be construed as nor serve to act as a waiver of any rights We have under this Agreement.

  7. Payment. All payments stated in the Invoices must be paid on or before the due date stated therein.

  8. Time. Time is of the essence.

  9. Governing Law.  This agreement shall be governed by Missouri law, including choice of law issues.

  10. Jurisdiction and Venue. Jurisdiction and venue shall only be proper in the Circuit Court of Clay County, Missouri, for any disputes arising out of or relating to this Agreement.

  11. Right to Amend.  We reserve the right to amend Our Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

  12. Hold harmless and indemnification.  You acknowledge and agree that We are providing services on Your behalf and for Your benefit.  You will indemnify hold and Us harmless, including Our officers, principals, employees, agents, and attorneys, from any claims, investigations, lawsuits, damages, or losses of any kind arising out of or relating to any of the work We perform in conjunction with applying for a License on Your behalf or under the terms of this Agreement.

  13. Our Attorneys.  In some circumstances, We may employ an attorney to represent Our interests in interpreting and applying a law or regulation that affects Your License application.  Nothing in this Agreement shall create any kind of privity, confidentiality, or any attorney-client relationship between You and Our attorneys.  You are not, and nothing shall be construed to imply that You are, a third-party beneficiary of Our relationship with Our attorneys.  Nothing in this paragraph shall abrogate or modify Your obligation to indemnify Us for attorney’s fees We incur in connection with serving as Your Managing Officer for any reason.

  14. Default.  Default occurs if You fail to pay an invoice on time, fail to provide accurate information, fail to provide information or signatures within the time period requested, or otherwise fail to comply with the terms of Your Agreement with Us. In the event of Your Default, We reserve all rights available at law or equity and in addition, have the right to:

    • Withhold delivery of Licenses.  We may withhold any License that We may be in possession of in order to secure payment or performance of any term of this Agreement.

    • Late Fees.  All amounts due that are not paid on or before the due date as stated in the Invoice shall be assessed a late Fee of up to 10% of the unpaid balance.

    • Interest.  All amounts due that are not paid on or before the due date as stated in the Invoice shall accrue interest at the rate of 1.5% per month.

    • Collection costs and attorney’s fees.  In the event We deem it necessary to employ an outside collection agency or attorney to collect unpaid balances from You or to enforce any terms of this Agreement, You will be responsible for paying Our attorney’s fees and collection costs in addition to all other amounts due under this Agreement.

  15. Consent to communication by electronic means. You are consenting to receive important and time sensitive information by either text or email communication.  You are responsible for making sure We have Your most current, best contact information.

  16. Terms to Apply for All Services In some cases, We may perform work on Your behalf without first (or ever) having obtained Your signature on a Licensing Application and Administration Agreement.  These Terms and Conditions still apply, and by requesting that We provide work to You or by paying any amounts to Us, You are agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.  Nothing in these Terms and Conditions applies to any service as a Managing Officer that We or one of Our employees, officers, or agents may provide. 

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